Freddocaldo: Toraldo franchising

Freddocaldo is a brand created by Caffè Toraldo to promote the opening of new bars in franchising. Entering the brand has its advantages as you will benefit of Toraldo know-how and ensure a high profile service. If you are ready and motivated and believe in our project, we can verify the feasibility of your idea through a business analysis. Entrepreneurial spirit, organizational skills, financial budget are needed to support the launch more

Neapolitan Coffee Masters

MCN (Neapolitan Coffee Masters) is born: the store where evolution is at the service of tradition. All Toraldo coffee mixtures are available in different ways, depending on the working process. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of coffee beans, which ranges between more than four mixes to grind at the moment. Otherwise you can choose convenient packs of various weights already minced...
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a little coffee cup

Toraldo product lines

Three product lines: bars and restaurants, Home and Office, and Merchandising. Bars and restaurants product line will appeal to coffee professionals, with products specifically designed and manufactured to raise the quality of served coffee. Home and office line meets the needs of many who love to have their coffee at different times of the day. Have further informations about capsules, pods and coffee machines: you'll love our technology! read more