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Caffè Toraldo - Complementary products

The bar and restaurant industry is enhanced with complementary products.
Among these are sugar and sweeteners, coffee cream, hazelnut coffee, barley and ginseng.


For those who do not want to give up the taste and body of traditional Neapolitan espresso, a decaf coffee is perfect at any time of the day.

  • Origin: Central America
  • Roasting: Middle-light
  • Aroma: Sweet and velvety
  • Package: 80 bags.

White sugar

To sweeten the taste full of your espresso at the bar and enhance its taste and aroma, a white sugar line of absolute quality.

  • Package: 240 bags.

Cane sugar

Beans derived from sugar cane, for the most discerning palates and body conscious.

  • Package: 240 bags.


Online sweetener to lightly sweeten your coffee everyday.

  • Package: 240 bags.

Ginseng blend

To satisfy the most demanding palates, the ginseng blend prolongs the energetic effect of your coffee creating an espresso with a pleasant and sweet aroma, similar to licorice.

Barley Blend

Suitable for everyone, both adults and children, the barley coffee is a tasty drink that can be sipped at all times of the day.

Hazelnut cream

Essential for the bar, topping hazelnut for coffee allows the preparation of specialty coffees to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Ideal for decorations.

Coffee cream

All the taste of coffee combined with the delicacy of the cream. To be served or to be used for the preparation of special coffee.