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Caffè Toraldo - Merchandising

Merchandising fills the bar with objects and elegant design makes product quality recognizable.
From the table, the first visual element, through the glass and ceramic cups, napkin rings, changegiver, polo shirts, t-shirts, caps and more.

High coffee cup

High ceramic cup, necessary item to enrich with elegance and sobriety the Neapolitan espresso experience.

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Standard coffee cup

In a standard ceramic coffee cup, necessary to enrich with elegance and sobriety the Neapolitan espresso experience.

Glass cup

Designed to enhance the full flavor and aroma of Caffè Toraldo, the glass cup features a soft and attractive design.

Cappuccino mug

The ceramic mug with a modern design which can retain heat for a long and aroma of cappuccino.

Polo shirt

Being always in order is critical to give a convincing picture of your bars. The branded polo shirt will make your bar even more reliable and recognizable.

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Sporty and youthful, Toraldo t-shirts are fresh and fun. Not to forget your team membership in a unique company even on the hottest days.

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Baseball cap in cotton with the brand logo, for a high visibility of the brand even at busy events.

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The original style and unmistakable signs of Caffè Toraldo for perfect brand recognition.

Paper cups

Paper cups for a caffè Toraldo take-away with an essential and clean design ensuring a consistently hot coffee.

Napkin rings

Created with a colorful design and a rounded shape, the napkin rings allow Caffè Toraldo to offer all customers a truly comprehensive Neapolitan espresso experience.

Over-the-counter sugar bowl

An object with an essential and elegant design born to contain Caffè Toraldo sugar line that will bring the attention of customers on the company logo.


Over-the-counter changiver exhibitor, a company eye-catcher that helps create complete brand experience.

Wall clock

The clock on the wall with the image of the Caffè Toraldo cup, because our coffee is with you every single moment.