Neapolitan espresso worldwide

Quality is the result of a delicate job and a constant technological innovation.

Technological innovation

Technological innovation is like a mantra. That is the stated goal of constantly trying and apply successive implementations, refusing to accept the status quo, but always looking towards a better future.

Made in Italy.

Italian production. A craftsmanlike knowledge carefully guarded and handed down through the generations. At your service are the raw materials and the best technology. The Neapolitan espresso is proudly made in Italy.

Worldwide espresso

Bring the espresso around the world. This is our mission in the end. In South Korea, in Libya, in America, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Australia, India. From the coffee bean to the hot cup. Neapolitan espresso and italian life style.

Our Thought

mario sinmonetti

The successful man is one who succeeds with his work to make his fantasies and desires come true.

Mario Simonetti Founding Member