How to open a bar

Did you know that opening a bar with our experience increases the chances of success?

Our experience in the development of concept bar is the result of half a century of activity in the world. Advice for bars is a service that is divided in sectors vital to its success.


Technical assistance (PDF Download)

Coffee machine
The space of a bar should be designed to constantly thinking of the bartender body that needs to be facilitated in the movements. The equipment should be arranged in a functional way. The espresso machine is the nerve center of a bar and must be kept under control and clean. Positioned behind the counter at about 90 cm from the ground, the coffee machine during the day should be checked: the appropriate indicators show that the standard data of the machine are respected and that the machine supplied is efficient. During operation dispensing units and others work under high pressure and high temperature, so each month you need to check the wear of filters which over time can wear out the edges and squeeze out water and coffee powder which end up in the cup, and the wear of the rubber seals placed within the group.
Manuntenzione attrezzature
Guidance on how to properly maintain the main bar machineries from the coffee machine to grinder-dispenser.

Coffee machine
The coffee machine must be cleaned daily: with a cleaning brush included rubber it’s possible to clean rubber seals and small water jets affixed under under the dispenser. For semi-automatic and automatic machines using the blind filter provided for the evening rinse. The holders must be cleaned by immersing the them in warm water and with the help of an abrasive pad to remove the incrustations. The water of the water network is almost always hard water, that is rich in calcium and magnesium salts, known for its property to deposit and form the feared limescale when the water is heated. To solve this problem, between the water from the water system and the machine must be entered a purifier which avoids, or at least drastically reduced, the formation oflimestone within the espresso machine, the corrosion of the internal parts and the formation of limestone deposits in the boiler. The softener that is commonly used is an apparatus within which there are natural resins. The ability of the resins to make this exchange tends to run out in a short time, therefore they must be regenerated with the coarse salt, which gives their sodium and potassium.

The grinder-dispenser should be checked daily to make sure that the milling is correct. Using it you have to remember not to grind too much coffee if you don’t need them. The correct degree of grinding may depend on various factors: air humidity, type of mixture, the amount of powder per dose. The variable factor is still the one linked to the weather conditions being a product very delicate and sensitive to the presence of moisture in the air which, if high, slows the infusion compacting the powder-in this case it is advisable to move one degree the grindstones and retry an espresso. Over time, because of the crushing of the beans, the grinders are subject to wear and it is recommended that an accuratecheck after 450/500 kg of ground coffee and replace them in case. The dispenser, previously calibrated, should drop in box filter the right amount of coffee needed for the success of a excellent espresso quality that is 8 / 8.2 gr The important cleaning of this equipment is simple and quick. Once a week must be cleaned the bell with a clean dry towel and dispenser with a toothbrush to avoid coffee powder accumulations; once a month the bell must be washed with hot water and no detergents and left to dry overnight on the coffee machine.
Use and consume of materials
The organization of the warehouse and the storage of products are key steps in the management of a bar. Taking care of the store and always guaranteeing the freshness of goods, your bar service will gain in speed and profit. Also with Caffè Toraldo you can always use new and experimental products, able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. During the organization of a warehouse and inventory, you must always do an analysis of sales and on the basis of this variable decide the orders amount, so you do not have the goods surplus to remain long on the shelves. It is also essential to establish days of order and receipt of goods, and that orders are approved by a responsible in charge of stocks. An important factor in order not to run into hitches, is that each provider has a single person relating and dealing to negotiate the best prices. During warehouse management, you always have to bring out before the older goods and place them dividing them into categories, suppliers and by maturity. It is also essential to do and update the inventory, whether it is printed and in electronic formats. Pay attention and time to the warehouse, to avoid wastage and therefore money losses and improves your serviceboth from the speed and quality point of view.
Selection and training of staff
The careful choice and selection of staff is another key feature of Caffè Toraldo supervision. Good managers, bartenders and restaurant staff should also be capable communicators of the brand's philosophy and deep connoisseurs of the services and the products they sell. It must also be careful to the way employees relate to customers. It is important for the success of the business a careful selection of staff. The latter fact is together with the environment, the true mark of a coffee factory. Establishing a professional communication with customers, so as to make clear the characteristics of the products that you offer, and establishing a rusty relationship. For efficient bartenders and waiters, never forget to do from the beginning a schedule of shifts, tasks, routes and procedures.

Architectural project (PDF Download)

The concept design
Fully consistent with the image and their objective the company aims to, the architectural environment project, where furnishings will be integrated, should reflect the aesthetic point of view the message you want to give and be innovative and modern . The concept design is essential to create an expressive, engaging and distinctive environment, modeled on brand communication needs. In designing the bar, you should note the behavior and emotional reactions of customers. Interpreting the tastes and the emotional needs of the market is essential in order to meet the full needs of a particular target of service users. The concept is not just an idea, but a real project with precise quantitative seach, taste and trend, color, smell, hearing analysis. The concept becomes the element that gives the bar identity both from the architectural point of view and graphic and communicative.
Furnishings and finishings
How to better organize, what kind of facilities and what materials to choose to decorate your bar and make the service maangement easier . The decor of the areas for the distribution of foods and must be done in order to allow the easy explicationof all service operations. The size, shape and development of the counter is proportional to the available surface, a good working area is always composed of the bar, for the distribution and consumption of food, and the back counter. The counter is made by a melamine structure (commercial material) or in blockboard with laminate coating (more expensive but more resistant material) which can be, depending on the needs, neutral, ie equipped with doors and compartments for the housing of the products, or be refrigerated, that is, with inserted, in the structure, refrigerator cells in two or more rooms, with doors or drawers, depending on the needs of operators. The counter side facing the customer, can be covered with different materials such as wood, stone, marble, etc .; Also the beverage dispensing plane may be in marble, powder of marble or granite, and even transparent glass or painted steel, in function of the aesthetic result to be obtained. Usually to the counter is added a refrigerated table bar, available in various sizes, which allows you to make visible to the customer all the dishes prepared by protecting the food from insects and other animals. Behind the counter the back part. Between the counter and back counter, on the floor level, there is provided a 15 cm raised platform with a fir-tree structure and removable MDF panels with rubber coating. Under the platform, which will then be inspected, will pass all the water connections of cooling machines, sinks, etc. The back counter, usually one meter high, is also composed of a structure as already illustrated by the dealer, and then equipped with doors or intended to accommodate equipment such as cup washers, ice, waste hopper, etc., or refrigerated compartments. The upper part instead will be equipped with wooden shelves, enlighted shelves, fixed or movable shelves, depending on the requests. Between the base and the upper part, in the back counter of is accommodated equipment such as coffee maker, coffee grinder, plate rolls, slicer, sinks.
Structural constraints
A Bar to be in accordance with the law must be designed taking into account the regulations regarding health and safety. The activities of public stores where are prepared and sold food and drink, such as cafes, bars, ice cream parlors, bars, bakeries, restaurants, is rules by the laws within local Hygiene. The bars and cold tables must have:

- a preparation and / or administration providing separate spaces for each activity; the space for the preparation of food other than coffee, must not be less than 4.00 sqm .;
- A room or storage compartment where is separated food from non-food;
- One or more adequate sanitation and sized to the number of staff, with annexes cabinets with two compartments for storing personal clothing.

Business Plan (PDF Download)

The starting point to open a bar is to know all the bureaucratic procedures to start the business. A summary of the most important initial steps. To open a business you must first and foremost define what kind of business you want to start, open the VAT as an individual company and subscribe to INPS and INAIL with the help of accountant. After establishing the type of society and have sentthe common communications about the "COM 1 or" COM 2model, you have to register for the operators of Commercial Register (REC) at the headquarters of the local Chamber of Commerce. The bars are by law "public food and drink stores " in particular are defined as "sales areas for local consumption". The licenses that regulated free competition no longer exist: the art. 3 of Law 248/2006 has been eliminated, but it was only in May 2010 that, thanks to the regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development n.3635 / C, municipalities can no longer fix the number of bars and restaurants that can be opened on their territory, with some exceptions, generally limited to the historical centers of the most important art cities (Rome, Florence, Venice). The only "limits" requested by the Act apply to planning and building requirements that may change depending on the region or the City of belonging and ownership of the requirements for the activity of administration of foods and drinks. In general the bar rooms must:
- have a commercial use ;
- respect the scenic and historic constraints provided by the City
- meet certain planning requirements that depend on square footage
- hygiene requirements (ASL Office Regulation closest to bar);
- comply with the safety regulations at work, safety of electrical systems and fire regulations;

the intended use verifiable by plans and cadastral (land Agency) defines the type of use that you can make a space: home, office, commercial stores, factories etc. In some cases, if not prohibited by the General Plan of the area, the intended use can be changed by a technician. However, if possible, better to find a place that already has the intended commercial use, it will save time and money. The accountant and the architect who follow you will be your main consultants by the fiscal and legal point of view and others to adeguate public spaces to the activity.

N.B. application criteria defined below represent only the minimum requirements necessary for the beginning of activities and, in this context, are to be considered by reference as they can vary according to regulations.
Types of furniture
Depending on the available budget the choice of materials for the furniture can be multiple. The interior decorator is essential to understand the most appropriate solution. The mostexpensive element of furniture of a bar, but also to open a confectionery or an ice cream shop, is naturally the counter, which includes, in addition to the outer side facing the customer, also the whole internal structure, the fridge cell and, usually even a refrigerated / heated display. The cost of an average bar counter is around € 5,000 per square meter, but the differences, upwards or downwards, can be enormous. Here are a few examples bubble linoleum that you put on the platform of the back counter can range from 7/8 € to 40 € per square meter. The granites of the top (where the plan will support the cups) can cost a few tens of euro per square meter, while costs are on the order of hundreds of euro if you choose materials such as Korian or Okite.

Other major differences can come from counters built in chipboard (which tend to soak moisture) or real wood, much more durable, and also the woods that appear most beautiful and fashionable can be imitated, with the appropriate colors, from other woods more ordinary. The refrigerated displays on the market, finally, can range from 2,000 to 20,000 Euros, in a range of materials, finishes and details almost infinite (the rounded shapes and rounded cost more than square ones). A bar, it's clear, it is not only made by counter, but tables and shelves have a much lower cost. that’s why the small bar have a higher cost per square meter compared to a large ones. The average cost per square meter of a bar built from scratch for the part open to the public (not the kitchen then) and including the equipment (cabinets and refrigerators) is 600/800 € per square meter, but some companies get to € 1200. We're talking, of course, of medium size bar, because up on that there is practically no end . The difference between a bar well built with good materials and a poor Quality one lies mainly in duration. A great venue can hold up and still look fresh even after twenty years of work, while one in which you are also saved on millimeters of steel thickness will tend to appear scored and old after a few years of use. This has to be an element of reflection, because if our idea is to keep the room for a few years, maybe then, once made experience, go to a bigger club, it might be wiser to be more limited in the expenses. When you go to talk to the decorator, do not ask him only a quotation, but tell him also what your budget is ans it will be easier to find the solution for any budget.
Products and raw materials
Bar means coffee, and when you think of opening your own bar the brand choice, or rather the blend of coffee we offer, is always one of the focal moments. How to choose the right one? And above all why should it focus on Quality for greater customer satisfaction? For a bar experience it's really satisfying and long-lasting, it is essential to focus on products and quality raw materials. You will need to make a good communication of their products in order to emphasize the value andthe price reasons to establish a relationship of trust with the customer. Essential after a certain time from the opening will be identifying the products that sell the most and those that are not required to decide what to bet on and what prices to set. Never giving up on Quality products and raw materials you need to build diversified menus capable of contain your costs, creating profitable relationships with suppliers and, if anything, to act on the quantity of the product itself, innovating and expanding the offer.

Regulations (PDF Download)

Professional requirements
REC course: provides all the skills to start the administration and sale of beverages and foods making sure all the requirements laid down in national and regional laws. There will be a final exam with the achievement of the Professional Qualification recognized by the Campania Region. The qualification is valid under the Law 845/78 and is valid in Italy and Europe. The qualification allows entry in the register of the Chamber of Commerce and the release of all the activity related authorizations of administration. Nutrizionist course: The EC Regulation no. 852/2004 chap. XII dedicated to staff "TRAINING" states that: "Food business operators must ensure either that those responsible, workers handling food, and those involved in the administration are supervisor and / or have received training and / or training in food hygiene commensurate with their work activity.
Structural requirements and documentation
Contact a surveyor / architect to verify the commercial use and all building and planning requirements of the local council. (see also Business Plan)
Documentation needed once opened
the drafting of the HACCP plan consists of two parts: the self-control plan (with a description of the production cycle, the risks and critical control points) and the structuring of the verification cards plan. Both manual and audit boards shall be stored and made available to the competent authorities during inspections.

Product selection (PDF Download)

Supplies and suppliers
How to care of the supply organization and the relationship with suppliers. In a Caffè Toraldo bar aiming for excellence is essential. Each product must be fresh and of quality. That's why in the organization of supply taking care of the warehouse and stocks is essential. Paying attention to the warehouse avoids wastage and therefore loss of money and improves your service both in terms of speed and Quality. An important factor is also managing the relationship with each provider giving the job to one person to negotiate the best prices. Products Mixtures meeting every type of palate and business. Caffè Toraldo offers you innovative and valuable products to satisfy the most demanding palates and solutions for every type of business. With competence and passion the company supports your success. Blends for bars include gourmet, orange, red, blue, green and decaffeinated coffee line.
Our products fit the needs of all kind of business. Precious blends for bars include gourmet line, orange, red, bluette, green and decaffeinated.
Complementary and accessories
Ingredients made in Caffè Toraldo to make unique the coffee experience for everyone. The lines of accessories products are necessary to ensure a complete service to the customer. Among these products are sugar and sweeteners, coffee cream, hazelnut cream, barley and ginseng.
All accessories Caffè Toraldo branded aim to enrich the experience of your customers from ceramic cups, plates, but also sugarbowl, towels, aprons, wall clocks, t-shirts, caps. All accessories Caffè Toraldo branded can enrich the experience of passionate customers not only with the unmistakable aroma of coffee, but also through the values ​​it represents. CaffèToraldo as an symbol of Italian Life Style.
Machines and equipment
Machines and equipment advanced technology and ease of use. The two watchwords of the Coffee Toraldo machines. Caffè Toraldo provides bar affiliates with espresso machines technologically advanced and professional, yet simple to use. In addition to the machine, the company will take care of the selection and training of staff.

Marketing and comunication (PDF Download)

Identità visiva
The visual identity of a brand communicates what makes a company unique compared to others of the same sector. It is a tool to:
- Representing the values ​​and talking about the brand in a distinctive way;
- Telling the specificities and intangible aspects of its brand;
- Introducing a visual language and a style of unique and shared behavior.

Every brand must have a value or an attribute on which to build their own identity; This must be based on the company qualities, it can therefore be built, but not invented. The visual identity development, from a technical point of view, includes the design of a series of graphics to enhance the reputation and the conscience of the company.
Products promotion
To make sure that the vast majority of people can recognize and appreciate its quality products and services, you need to combine more strategic promotion activities. To understand what are the best strategies to introduce products to customers you need to start by a careful analysis of their characteristics, the targets you set and the budget you want to allocate.
Comunicazione digitale
Website, social networking services (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), blogs, forums, e-mail marketing are the new media tools, constantly evolving, that allow us to get our message to our customers.