Only passing hard exams it can become a Toraldo coffee bean

We are pleased to present the new outdoor advertising campaign for 2016, whose protagonist is Caffè Toraldo bean. As a student behind his school bench, Toraldo bean engages and studied: because you never stop learning and making yourself better. Taste and Quality go hand in hand but only with the daily work and learning new technical standards you can be successful. "Only passing strict exams it can become a Toraldo coffee bean", is the synthesis of a production philosophy that is based not only on the choice of the best raw material but on a roasting art that combines tradition and innovation.

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Capsules, the pleasure of espresso at home and at the office

Don’t you have enough time to go down to the bar to have breakfast or a short break? Never fear, Caffé Toraldo has the solution for you! To give you the pleasure of espresso within the walls of your home or of the workplace, Caffé Toraldo has a range of capsules simple to use and integrate with the special coffee machines. A real survival kit for espresso lovers which can guarantees a full-bodied coffee, intense exaclty like the one served in a bar. Classic, gourmet, aromatic and decaffeinated line: Toraldo capsules meet the needs of everyone for a coffee made just the way you are.


Products on display

Research and tradition make a coffee 100% italian

Our experience at your service.
cialde toraldo

Coffee Pods line

The espresso at home

Creamy, light, available in three different Arabica blends, Classic and Deka to satisfy the most demanding palates.


How to open a bar

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